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Sep 24, 2018 | K Morrison-Edgar | 5421 views
Coaches Week!
Last week was National Coaches Week and the Atom AA team made this beautiful collage to thank the following Coaches: Steph, Dylan, Diana, Kiara, Mike, Jamie, Noah and Russ. 


It's National Coaches Week in Canada and Twister sisters are so proud of their coaches!

Sam from PWB: Coach Matt B is really funny and knows defense. I feel like he is a like a Blue Jay because he has blue eyes and is always watching.
Coach Christy is a good Head Coach because she just knows what to do. A song that reminds me of her is ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ because she always gets us to try harder and not give up.
Coach Dave is like a giraffe because he stands over top of us and helps us see things
Coach Matt F knows how to play hockey and he says all the things we need to know to be better hockey players.

Madi from Atom BB:
Coach Sarah: She's kind and makes hockey fun and also has the best dance moves.
Coach Jay: Makes us work hard and makes us laugh even harder on the bench.
Coach Jamie: Makes us stronger as athletes, people, friends and as a team .
Coach Doni: He corrects us to become better players and team.
Coach Taylor: She is friendly and she's open to answser our questions in the changeroom. 
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Kaleigh from Atom BB:
Coach Sarah - she is always nice and if we mess-up she'll help us.
Coach Jay - he's very nice and on the bench he tells us what we can do better next shift and tells us to close the gap!!!
Coach Donnie - he'll skate us harder to make us better.
Coach Jamie - he's always teaching us to do stuff better when we are doing a drill or on the bench.
Coach Taylor - she's nice and always telling us to skate harder and she's making us better.


Midget AA girls: Our coaches are encouraging and make us want to work harder

The coaching staff always help and support us and push us to be the best we can be both on and off the ice!
#thankscoach #nationalcoachesweek

Twisters would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our volunteer coaches from Fundamentals all the way up to our Senior Women's division. Your tireless effort, time, expertise and guidance are appreciated. 
#thankscoach #coachesweek

Elizabeth, PWA/BB: Coach Andrew is my favourite coach because he is tough but caring. He "gets" what it means to be a goalie, and I know I can always count on him. If Coach Andrew was an animal he would be a lion because he takes care of us goalies and teaches us. One sport I would like him to try is volleyball because he would be good with hand-eye coordination.

Emma, PWB: Coach Christy is an awesome coach. She loves coaching us on and off the ice and wants to develop us to be a great hockey team and players. #girlpower

Hailey H: We love Coach Terry and play our heart out for him and the coaching staff. It's going to be a great season!