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Introducing the NHGHA Leap Forward Program

What is Leap Forward?
Leap Forward is a unique opportunity within the North Halton Girls Hockey Association (NHGHA) that focuses on cultivating leadership skills among our U13 to U18 age groups. This volunteer mentorship program encourages young female athletes to actively contribute to the larger organizational events, such as Skills Clinics and the First Shift Program.

Why Leap Forward?
By enrolling in the NHGHA Player Leadership Program, participants not only gain essential leadership skills but also open doors to personal growth and community involvement. This initiative offers valuable experiences, mentorship, and a chance to positively impact the hockey community, laying a strong foundation for future endeavors both on and off the ice.

How to Get Involved:
Players interested in the program can submit an Expression of Interest, sharing their enthusiasm and any relevant experiences or aspirations. The Leadership Pathway Committee reviews applications, ensuring a diverse and committed group of participants.

Flexible Engagement:
Approved participants will have access to an online calendar of events supported by the Twisters organization. This allows leaders to conveniently sign up for events aligned with your preferences, ensuring a personalized and flexible approach to your involvement in the program.

Leadership Journey:
For those in the U13 - U15 age group, the journey may start with supporting First Shift, Tyke, and Fundamentals. As participants progress (U15 - U18), they can engage in supporting skills clinics and organizational off-ice events. This flexible program allows individuals to select leadership opportunities suited to their schedules.

Shaping Your Leadership Path:
By participating in Leap Forward, you actively shape your leadership development journey with NHGHA. It's not just a program; it's a pathway to empowerment, growth, and making a positive impact in the hockey community.

Ready to leap forward? Express your interest now and embark on a journey of leadership with NHGHA.

Letitia McDougall
Leap Forward Facilitator
[email protected]