AGM - Application for Board of Directors (North Halton Girls Hockey Association)

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Elected Positions Available: Vice-President, Secretary, Director of Representative Teams (Board member running), Director of Marketing and Promotion. Positions to be Filled by the New Board after the AGM: Treasurer (incumbent re-applying), Head Manager, Head Trainer (incumbent re-applying), Apparel Coordinator (incumbent re-applying). If you would like any information about any of the available positions, please contact Josh Hunter at [email protected]. Applications must be submitted online no later than 5:00 pm on May 31, 2023. For further information regarding the NHGHA and the Board of Directors please see our Constitution and By-Laws page under the About Us tab on our website.
    1. I acknowledge that I have read, understand and intend to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of this role as made available to the membership should I be successful in being elected to the above position.

      I acknowledge that the role for which I am nominating is for a one or two year period and that I intend to commit to the role for the full duration.  

      I understand that attendance at Board meetings is mandatory and that I will be bound by all of the duties and responsibilities of a Director as set out in Hockey Canada, OWHA and NHGHA Policies and the NHGHA Constitution and By-Laws.
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