2023/2024 Rep Coaches (North Halton Girls Hockey Association)

Print2023/2024 Rep Coaches
The North Halton Twisters are proud to announce the following coaches for the 2023/2024 season:

U18 AA
 - Lindsay Oliver [email protected]
U18 A - Neil Townsend [email protected]
U18 BB1 - Matt Fabian [email protected]
U18 BB2 - Peter Palmer [email protected]
U18 B - Shawn Benn [email protected]

U15 AA
 - Sean Jennings [email protected]
U15 A - Tara Bugala [email protected]
U15 BB - Grahame Ansell [email protected]

U13 A
 - Ralph Aiello [email protected]
U13 BB - Erin Fraser [email protected]
U13 B - Levi Brown [email protected]

U11 A
 - Chris Stewart [email protected]
U11 BB - Derek Radford [email protected]
U11 B - Rob Robinson [email protected]

U9 B
 - Kingsley Hunter u[email protected]