Rep Tryout Information & Policies (North Halton Girls Hockey Association)

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The NHGHA is pleased to add an additional tryout for the U15B Team this Saturday April 27th at 2:45pm on the TransCanada pad at MoldMasters Arena in Georgetown. 

Please see the following for the full tryout schedule 2024_NHGHA_Tryout_Schedule_Revised_April_16_2024.pdf
Here is the link to our registration page North Halton Girls Hockey Association : RAMP Registrations
Here is the link to the list of our 2024/2025 Rep Coaches

Import players (players whose last registration was with any other girls' hockey association, either this year or in the past) must have a signed OWHA Permission to Tryout form from their last association to attend an NHGHA tryout. Players who have never played hockey or have only played co-ed hockey (i.e. Winterhawks, Thunder, etc.) are not considered imports and a Permission to Tryout form is not required. 

The NHGHA's import policy permits AA coaches to sign unlimited import players. This year, the NHGHA Board has decided not to allow teams below AA to sign import players. Exceptions may be made by the Rep Director if for example a team requires an import to fill their roster.

Minimum Tryout Requirement 

Players must try out for one level above the team they are currently playing on if staying in the same division.  If moving up an age group, players must tryout at the same level as they are currently playing. For example, a minor currently on the U15BB team must at least try out for the U15A team. A major currently playing on a U13BB team must at least tryout for the U15BB team. 

An exception to the minimum tryout requirement may be granted by the Rep Director before tryouts for the minimum required level begin. If a player does not attend the first tryout at the minimum required level and return for each subsequent tryout to which she is invited, or if a player attends the appropriate tryouts and declines a spot offered on the team, the player will not be eligible to play rep for the 2024/2025 season.

Players Unable to Participate in Tryouts


Any player who was unable to complete the prior season due to injury must provide medical clearance from a physician or nurse practitioner before tryouts. If a player is unable to obtain medical clearance to participate in tryouts, they may still be offered a spot on a representative team  at the Head Coach's discretion with the approval of the Director, Representative Teams. The injured player must still register for tryouts and pay any required tryout fee.


If an injured player chooses to accept an offer for a spot on a team even though they were unable to participate in tryouts, they must accept, in writing, the responsibility to pay all assessed team and association fees for the entire season, even if as a result of the pre-existing injury they are ultimately unable to play for part or all of the season. They must also still obtain medical clearance before participating in any athletic activities in accordance with all applicable return-to-play policies.

The obligation to pay all assessed fees remains in force whether or not the Director, Representative Teams permits the team to replace the injured player on a permanent or temporary basis. Extenuating circumstances will be considered by the Board of Directors on a case by case basis.


Players who are offered a spot on a team will be asked to sign a commitment letter and pay an initial commitment fee which will be credited towards their team budget. Signing a commitment is exactly that - a "commitment" to your teammates, your coach, and the Twisters to play the full 2024/2025 season. The Twisters firmly believe in the importance of players having a choice of which organization to play for. But the time to exercise that choice is before committing, not afterwards. 

Players seeking to leave after teams have been selected can severely disrupt not just the team they signed with but other teams at the same age level as coaches attempt to fill the resulting vacancy. It is not fair to the players and coaches on the team which a player is seeking to abandon, the other candidates who were denied a position on that team, or the other Twister teams who are impacted, for a player to leave after having committed to a team.

Accordingly, no player who has accepted a commitment to any Twisters rep team for the 2024/25 season will be granted a release to play elsewhere unless the Board of Directors determines exceptional circumstances exist. A player seeking to abandon a rep team to which they have committed will also remain liable to pay their proportionate share of the entire year's team budget.

Requests for exceptional consideration should be directed to the Rep Director who will bring the matter to the Board for decision. The fact that a player may decide after the fact that a better opportunity is available afterwards is NOT an exceptional circumstance.